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mercury™ is a software service platform that manages the software licenses of various vendors according to billing types on the billing systems of monthly billing service providers. BBSS has reconstructed the existing system, which the company spent over 10 years to develop and establish, for global use.

For security software, for example, mercury™ changes the use period of a software package from an annual basis to a monthly basis and provides functions that accurately conduct complex license management, such as cases where the maximum number of computers (the number of seats) per license is set, and within this upper limit, the license is shifted to other computers. It also incorporates software products for different types of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, personal computers, and mobile terminals, into one license. Thus, mercury™ features flexible multi-device and multi-license management in response to the recent developments in the environment for the use of mobile terminals. It can be used for all types of software offered by different vendors and services that combine software products manufactured by different manufacturers. For the sales promotion, it provides a campaign function, such as for free trials for more than one month at the time of application.

Advantages of mercury™

Software vendors can use an extensive network of sales channels through service providers, including carriers across the world simply by connecting to mercury™. Service providers can also incorporate a variety of software products available in the world into their services simply by connecting to mercury™.

When carriers and software vendors wish to link their systems directly to or connect to systems of other companies, they may have to develop a system tailored for each of those companies and face the risk of a heavy workload due to differences in service levels, responses to system failures, and cause investigations. mercury™ fills the gaps between systems of different companies and drastically reduces development and operational costs required for system linkage. In terms of business, mercury™ enables software vendors to approach the paying users of service providers, which include customers that they have not been able to reach in the past. Moreover, service providers can now easily add attractive optional services for users and expand their earnings via fee-based software services.

Software Service Platform MERCURY(TM)