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Connecting the world through software services.

BBSS is taking on global markets

BBSS is taking on the global market

BBSS is a subsidiary of SB C&S, which is tasked with the distribution of software, hardware, and other IT products within the SoftBank Group.
Our key business is the provision of software services corresponding to various areas of security.
By harnessing our track record in the telecommunication carrier business, we now have expanded our services global mobile carriers and re-sellers.

Our business model capabilities

BBSS is capable of providing products made available by major software vendors around the world.
We also customize such products to facilitate the delivery of software services and offer a service platform to accommodate system linkages.
Operating as an intermediary between software vendors and partners, we provide a sales channel to telecommunications carriers around the world, providing software vendors from around the globe services to our channel partners. and various software services from around the globe to partners.

BBSS’s business domains and business model

Our exceptional service platform

Our knowhow and experiences that lead to business success.

Our service platform provides various business advantages to both software vendors and sales partners.
Our platform, adopted by Brightstar Corp, is partnered with 50,000 companies in 100 countries worldwide, promoting our mercury™ brand name.

Advantages offered by mercury™

  • Cost reduction
    Development and operating costs incurred to bridge gaps are significantly reduced – specifically in terms of specifications between systems operated by different companies, mercury links systems to one another.
  • License management
    We provide functions to enable the complex management of licenses to be carried out, including functions for managing software expiration dates and functions for one to freely set the number of units for which a licensing agreement can be used.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
    Multiple software packages for different operating systems and mobile terminals can be provided under a single license.
  • Flexible service design
    Also compatible with service configurations that combine software packages from different manufacturers.

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Strong cooperation with major security software vendors

BBSS has established strong relationships with major software security vendors around the world. We also proactively engage in product customization according to the needs of sales partners while collaborating with these vendors. We provide optimal security solutions to our clients as a trusted security business advisor.

Collaboration structure with software vendors

About Brightstar

Brightstar Corp. is a global company that offers services specializing in the distribution of mobile devices. Serving 50,000+ carrier, retail and enterprise customers across 100 countries, touching over 100,000 points of sale. 

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